Friday, January 15, 2010

Squeeballs for the wii and the ds

I was given a copy of the DS game and also for a game for the Wii to test.

The premise of the game is that before Squeeballs can be sold to children as toys around the world they must be fully tested…sometimes to the point of destruction. Squeeballs Party features over 150 mini games which you will unlock by going through the “Challenge Ladder”. As you successfully complete challenges you will unlock new ones in the sport that you are currently playing as well as entirely new sports. The different types of mini games have a pretty wide range with bowling, golf, paint by squeeballs, cooking, feeding frenzy, pumping and more. Within those sports there are a variety of different challenges that you will have to complete.

My daughter really loves the Wii version and also gets a bit of exercise from
it too which does not hurt at all. The Ds is not as active but still fun if you want to sit and play it.
It is rated E+10 for everyone 10 and older because of cartoon violence. They have little movie clipits before every game which are really cute.
You start out with bowling and then open up other games as you go along.
My daughter really likes all of the games . I have tried all of them too and they are
really easy to play and understand.
It has unique characters which make the game a lot of fun.

I would highly recommend this game for any parent to purchase for their child.